Have you ever felt the desire to buy a balloon caricature to give as a truly unique and amazing gift? Or perhaps a caricature of the Managing Director of your company to show off as a light hearted enhancement to your next corporate event? Maybe even a hilarious wedding groom caricature for you special day in Norfolk or Suffolk?

Probably not! Because you didn’t know they existed, right? Well I can produce caricature faces or full caricature bodied sculptures for your next event.

Why do I need a balloon caricature at my next event?

Just imagine the value such a novelty item can bring to your event. It will get people talking, laughing and immediately relaxing at your event. People will be talking about your event for a long time. They will take photographs of themselves with the balloon and you can bet it will hit Social media the moment the photograph is taken. What a great way to share your event with the world or a fantastic publicity or marketing ploy for your company at a corporate event.

UK EU Referendum fun

I challenged myself to build some caricatures of two of the main rivals in the UK’s EU Referendum vote. (This post is written one week before the UK’s biggest ever vote – I wonder what the outcome will be?)

It was just for fun really but the pictures stormed through social media and really pushed my services into the forefront of peoples’ minds!

Here is David Cameron with his wavy hair, protruding chin and large forehead (please take no offence to this Mr Prime Minister – just look at my Nick Twist Caricature logo; I’ve highlighted my own ‘unfortunate’ features too!).20160616_073543[1]And here is Mr Cameron’s rival; Boris Johnson! His chaotically groomed ‘just-out-of-bed’ hair and his curvy cheeks. Again, please take no offence Mr Johnson!



How long will the balloons last for?

A long time! The pictures will be laughed at for many years, so rest assured that you will gain value from these unique and exciting items. I challenge anyone not to raise a smile when they see one of these balloons. The latex twisted, stretched and shaped wonder will last long in your guests minds. And this is what really matters. The impact it has on your guests. This is where the true longevity of the balloon lies. The actual balloon itself will last a week at least. Keeping it away from direct sunlight and heat sources will often extend its life further.

Have fun everyone!

Nick Twist.