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Looking for children’s party packages in Norfolk? I’ll explain my 2 hour party package through the eyes of a recent case study here!

Isla had a fourth birthday party and I was there to entertain her and her friends. Here is how the party unfolded.

The first 10 minutes (11.00 – 11.10)

The first ten minutes is usually relaxed and this was certainly the case during this party. It is always normal to be waiting for all the children to arrive, trying

Children's entertainment ideas party Norfolk

Sitting down for the show.

to chat with the shy children to make sure they are at ease, trying to talk to the more confident ones to ensure they can enjoy the show too! This was the case here. Mum was fully prepared as she had read all of the hints and tips I had provided her with before the party (and so was the hall – getting this preparation right is vital) – she was just waiting for me to run the whole thing.


The show begins (11.10 – 11.50)

The usual fun and mayhem ensues as the children laugh at the puppets, laugh at me as things ‘go wrong’ and laugh with one another. This is my favourite part of the whole party because the children sit together belly laughing and sharing the moment. Imagine Isla at this moment. She is the star of the show, she gets her friends cheering for her, laughing with her and playing with her. As a parent, imagine the fun you have watching this! And the child always realises how lucky they are, often running up to their Mum or Dad at the end of the show to hug them in recognition of their planning. We had fun watching a mischievous magic wand disobeying my commands, eventually jumping up to hit me in the nose.

We all made some magic producing invisible coins from our ears and throwing them into an empty tin, hearing them crash down inside. Then the children realise that they can throw a coin at any moment, resulting in it crashing into the tin when I’m not ready – in fact, they all do it on purpose to play a trick on me. Things got ‘out of control’ and I had to place a magic spell on the tin to regain control!

We made a rainbow appear from somebody’s sleeve and a man appeared inside a picture frame – gate-crashing our party! He could even speak to us! He made up for his uninvited appearance by singing Happy birthday to Isla. All the helpers received a balloon as thanks for their efforts during the show.

Lunch (11.50-12.10)

This is always a loose timing but generally twenty to twenty-five minutes suffices for the children’s food. They ate as I took a five minute breather before starting to twist some balloons for the party guests.

The party section ! (12.10 -12.45)

Soon after finishing their food, Isla’s friends gathered around my table excitedly to watch balloons being twisted and handed out. This was no longer a formal show. It was a more informal chat with bits of fun thrown in to keep the children who had decided to come over entertained. All the children got a balloon, I searched out the ones who were busy elsewhere. The others were dancing to the disco music and lights. The highlight of this section of the party came  when the snow machine showered flakes of snow all over the dancing children to the famous Disney song! The disco is an extra item where I hire in my good friend at KSD Mobile discos.

NIck Twist's world's largest balloon

Imagine the fun children have with the World’s largest balloon!

I offer many children’s party packages. Other ideas at this time include playing games; my personal favourite being the Revenge of the bouncy castle! In this fun game, the World’s largest balloon takes revenge and bounces ON the children, rather than they bounce on it! They then experience the great feeling of the balloon rolling over them in various stunts.


The finale! (12.45 – 1.00)

Now is the time for Isla to get her cake! We all sing Happy birthday and Isla blows out the candles. She basks in the moment as her friends gather around. As they are all sat watching, one final moment happens. Isla loves Tinkerbell. She has no idea that Mum has shared this knowledge with me! We quickly blow up some balloons, I climb into a HUGE bag and take the balloons from Isla, one-by-one and I twist them together indie the bag to finish a model I have already started. Some fun is involved (of course) but very quickly, a huge Tinkerbell balloon is revealed and Isla cannot believe that she has the most amazing birthday present – given to her in front of her friends. Believe me – this gives her status among her friends because they all want one too!

Nick Twist amazing balloons

Isla receiving her special balloon


This really is a lovely way to end the party. Especially since all the parents are now waiting to collect their child. When they see this they feel jealous that they had not organised something similar for their child but you have!


Do you offer and other children’s party packages?

Yes, of course! Quite often, each party is completely bespoke based on everyone’s needs.  If you’re interested in discussing a party like the one above, just contact me. I’m very happy to help arrange a stress free, fun and unique experience for your child and their guests.


Speak with you soon.


Nick Twist.