Frequently Asked Questions!

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Do you use special balloons?

Yes! I only ever use the very finest quality balloons in the World: Qualatex balloons. They are made especially for twisting sculptures and are stronger than the regular balloon you buy on the high street. Their colours are bold and vivid making them the perfect material for me to use.

How long do the balloons last?

That’s very difficult to answer! Usually, any balloon lasts comfortably for a few days but they can last up to a few weeks if treated with care. The key is to keep them out of direct sunlight and heat sources as this increases the deflation process. Generally, the greater the care given to the balloon, the longer it will last. I am sure that you will find that, however long it lasts, you will have a truly memorable and unique gift.   The fact that a balloon will not be around for long is actually part of its attraction. People realise that the art is temporary and it gives it a little bit of an edge – a ‘special’ feel.

Where did you learn to make these balloons?

I am a magician and I learnt how to make balloons early on to compliment my shows. I remember being a confident balloon twister at 12 years old but I, like most other magicians, produced only simple balloon dogs and swords. But when I was a little older, I felt that there must be more to balloons. I searched the internet and found ideas and had to reverse engineer the techniques and learn by myself. Now, I am friends with dozes of balloon artists from across the world including Israel, Canada, USA, Australia and, of course, the UK. We regularly (often daily) teach and share our latest designs with one another – meaning that my material is always fresh and up-to-date.

Where do I pick up the balloons from?

Pick-up is usually reserved for evening times and I am based in Hethersett, Norwich.

Can you deliver the balloons?

Yes, of course! This is at an additional cost and usually only reserved for Norfolk or Suffolk locations. Just ask for a delivery quote!

How do I pay?

Payment is due on exchange of the balloons. You can, if you wish, pay by BACS but this needs to be in advance so that payment is cleared at the time of balloons being received.

Boy on a ride-on motorbike built by Nick Twist for his birthday. Balloons available across Norfolk.These balloons offer a huge WOW factor to your event. Never, ever underestimate the power of balloons at your wedding, party or special event. By their nature, balloons are temporary and people realise this. It makes the display all that more special and people will take photos with the pieces and this creates a huge BUZZ about your event. Expect compliments from your guests when using my balloons! Here are some examples of things I have heard people say to the event organisers: Wedding couple kissing in a balloon heart photo frame. Wedding gift in Norwich‘Wow; where did you get those from?’ ‘That is amazing! How did you find these?’ ‘These are so cool! This is so much fun!’   These gifts or display pieces really will enhance your event. For a small extra cost (in terms of the total budget spent on an event), a huge difference will be seen. I guarantee that people will REMEMBER your event when you add these balloon pieces. And they make you look like the master event planner! So, if you want a unique gift in Norwich or Norfolk, this really is a great idea. They just perfect for a child’s birthday – imagine their faces when they wake up to find their favourite character twisted as a balloon! You will be the best Mum or Dad ever! Or, think about some amazingly artistic and comical hats to wear at a dinner party or event to lighten the mood! There is a huge potential for fun moments! Browse through my shop and just think of the possibilities – and remember, your recipients and guests will think that you are amazing for finding these gifts! Take a look at the designs here (remember, if you don’t see what you want – just ask!):

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