Blog 1 – 9th June 2016

Why should you have a wedding magician?Head shot 1

This week, I want to talk about why you need to consider having a wedding magician on your special day. There are a few of us working in the Norfolk and Suffolk area and the price range varies enormously.  So how can you make a logical decision on who to hire?

At my wedding, three years ago, I hired a magician myself as it helped me to fix so many problems which could have occurred had I failed to hire him. Imagine how your guests feel when you walk off for over an hour for photos. You need to entertain them so that they look back on your day as being memorable – not as that day where they all stood around on a lawn for ages waiting for you to arrive! A Children’s entertainer or balloon modeller/artist is also a great idea to allow the little ones some time to have real fun and it lets their parents relax and enjoy the day that little more.

What about your close friends? They may not know your family (certainly your extended family) and they may find it hard to mingle. Magic and balloons help to bring these people together.

Entertainers in Norfolk and Suffolk can help you to solve these problems.

What will you and your guests experience?

Quite simply, solutions to the above problems! You need to ensure boredom doesn’t get to your guests. You want your day to be memorable. Trust me, they will remember that it was your wedding where they saw the most amazing magic and they received an outstandingly good balloon sculpture – like nothing they have ever seen before. Which means that every time see magic or a balloon model, perhaps on TV, they will think back to your excellent day and recall, “Remember at Mike and Michelle’s wedding? We got a balloon and it was much nicer than this one on TV! Oh that was a great wedding.”

Magic Circle logo LARGEYou want people to enjoy themselves. To help with that, I will perform Magic circle quality magic (most magicians in the area have not gained this status) to help amaze your guests. This means that your guests will experience something amazing and really remember your day as being an exciting one. They have all seen Dynamo on TV. Well let them see the magic for themselves, up close!

Another problem you may encounter is that distant relatives don’t know one another well and they may be reluctant to begin speaking. Your close friends will probably never have met most of your family so your guests need a helping hand in getting chatting – something to ‘break the ice’. I actively encourage people to chat during the tricks – it is all part of my act. I want people to relax in one another’s company and I aim to achieve this. This means that people are far more at ease at your event. They relax and begin talking to people they don’t know – creating a friendly atmosphere at your wedding.


Wedding Photo FrameYou want to remember you wedding day for ever. You need to capture the most exciting and fun pictures to remind you of the wonderful experience you and your guests had. That’s why I will ensure that I work with your photographer (I can even get my own photos if you wish) of people reacting and enjoying the magic; people captured with excitement as I present them with their balloon gift and people dancing with their balloons on the dance floor. Just imagine the fun photos in your album!

Why hire Nick Twist?

I know how stressful it is on your wedding day – I remember it for myself almost three years ago! Plan to control this stress by hiring a wedding magican or a balloon artist! If you choose to hire myself, Nick Twist, I guarantee to entertain and look after your guests for you. You will not regret it. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is a quote from a happy couple:

‘Nick entertained all the children making balloon figures which they played with for hours. The adults were equally enthralled with his talents as he went from table to table performing magic tricks. Everyone’s minds were blown – his magic brought people together and was a huge talking point! He really made our day complete!’ Alice and Sarah, August 2015.

Not only that, but My FaceBook page has 5 out of 5 stars – further suggesting that you can trust me.

If that isn’t enough proof, consider that I have been continually booked, year after year, by companies such as Holiday Inn, Thursford’s Santa’s Magical Journey and Hughes Home Tech Show.

Take a look at the balloons I can create for your special day by clicking the link here:

Balloons made by Nick Twist

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Good luck with your wedding plans!

Nick Twist.