Wedding magician serving the Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk areas.

Specialist family wedding entertainer.

Jaw dropping magic for the adults, balloons like no one has ever seen before for the children.

A unique performer within the magical marketplace – rest assured that everyone, young or old, will experience some entertainment and have fun at your wedding – or your money back!


Wedding day magic your guests simply cannot forget


– breaking the ice and brining the feel good factor during the quieter moments of your day.



Imagine your wedding day filled with jaw dropping moments creating fun, laughter and excitement! No awkward silences and filling the occasion with that feel good factor everyone craves for!

As a specialist family wedding magician, you can ensure that each and every one of your guests will have a blast!

The adults will enjoy sleight of hand magic and the children will receive balloon sculptures like no other you have ever seen – something for everyone!

No other magician in the area caters to so many age ranges; Nick has specialised his service to suit your wedding day needs.

Your guests are going to love you and your wedding day – so just relax, knowing they are in safe hands.

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At only 2-3% of a typical East Anglian wedding budget, it’s great value for your guests. (Budget source – Bridebook.com 2018)

How much does this cost?

Entertaining every age group –

Incorporating exceptional balloon sculptures built at speed to wow them all

Wow! Your balloons are pure art.

Jake Humphrey

BT Sports presenter

Most magicians are just that – magicians! Not every one of your guests will love magic as much as Nick does so you need to have a plan for them too.

Nick is first-and-foremost a sleight of hand magician but he understands you want all of your guests, young and old, to have a blast at your wedding. Que the balloon twisting!

These are not your bang-average dog or sword balloons – they tend to be tacky!

Hating those types of balloons, Nick has added a touch of class to his approach which makes it incredibly suitable for entetaining wedding parties of all ages.

Picture those young smiles as the children sit with their twisted balloons and the adults will gather around as they watch formula one cars, unicorns, Star Wars characters, princesses, aliens with real LED lights flashing in their space suits and more twisted right in front of them.

This will stun them into a ‘how is that even possible with a balloon?’ blubbering wreck and guarantees they remember your wedding day for a very long time.

It is utterly unique art blended with entertainment that virtually all of your guests will love and talk about to others.

It’s more than just magic and balloons – you ‘re hiring a wedding day specialist

Hiring Nick is way more important than any of the above. He understands you only get one shot at organising a wedding and looking after your guests so he has specialised his service to ensure your guests are actively engaged and chatting together – acting as the perfect ice breaker.

Although he is one of the most skilled magicians in the area (one of only very few to be invited into The Magic Circle in London), he knows that he is really there to ensure your guests have the best day they have had in a long time.

You won’t believe how busy you will be on the day and you will struggle to get to chat with everyone until later. Cover this wait period by injecting his entertainment as he expertly reads the room (or garden!) and your movement to ensure that the entire wedding party are happy at all times. He will actively get people talking and put them at ease so that a great atmosphere builds rather than a lull developing.


You’re running late on the photos? The catering is delayed? Don’t worry – no one will even realise as Nick has you covered – entertaining so that nobody even notices. Simple!

We were running a little late but Nick didn’t mind. He wowed the guests with his magic – I love magic and my guests loved it too. He astounded several guests by how good he really was. 

The biggest moan with weddings is that people get bored between the meal and evening. Our guests were so entertained that they didn’t get a chance to get bored!

Liz Heard

5 star review, 11th October 2018

Creating wonderful photo opportunities for your photographer


You need your wedding album to express the fun you and your guests had.

Hiring Nick provides such a goldmine of photo opportunities as people laugh, drop their jaws in sheer shock and children gleam from ear-to-ear holding their new beautiful balloon.


Your photographer will be busy capturing the joy and lasting memories!

Watch the below 1.30 min clip to see what your wedding guests will experience!

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At only 2-3% of a typical East Anglian wedding budget, it’s great value for your guests. (Budget source – Bridebook.com 2018)

How much does this cost?

Planning resources to ensure you have it all covered by the day itself

You have (probably) never organised a wedding before. Nick has your back and he wants you to have the best day ever.

So, all of his clients receive over 50 pages of planning advice and tips written up across 6 guides. Nick has seen it all at weddings and you get the opportunity to learn from his experience so that your day is perfect.

Learn about writing a killer speech, lighting your venue to create different atmospheres and learn how not to do things if you invite younger guests – plus lots more. It’s all here!

We are still talking about the incredible magic he performed for everyone at our wedding.

Our guests were absolutely amazed at the tricks Nick was doing – we can’t recommend him enough. Oh, and everyone loved the ballons! Thank you so much.

Lauren and Darren McNeil

5 star review, 10th September 2018

Amazing magician! Thouroughly entertained all of our wedding guests and the children were blown away with their fantastic balloons!

Was a very special touch to our very special day. Thank you dearly and would highly recommend to others!!!

Natalie wright

5 star review, 4th August 2018

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4) Then sit back and look forward to your pdf welcome pack and supportive emails up until the big day itself!

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