Nick Twist - Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring me, I hope that you can trust that I will deliver a great service.

With so many 5 star reviews and venue recommendations, you can hire me with confidence.

But many couples and event planners naturally have have lots of questions before committing. I completely understand that and hope that this page helps to clear things up for you!

Nick at a wedidng

Who is Nick Twist?

Good question! I’m a professional magician who started working as a seventeen year old way back in 1997. This means that I have almost 25 years experience performing magic. Over the years, I have performed grand illusion shows on cruise ships, children’s shows in holiday parks and close up magic at weddings and events. But I now specialise in wedding and event entertainment – particularly weddings with guests spanning a large age range.

I pride myself on being able to entertain both the adults (with close up magic) and the children (with magic and balloon art). No one else in our areas is able to do this, so you will be hiring a valuable and unique service.

Group enjoying the magic

What exactly will you do at my wedding?

I present interactive sleight of hand magic designed to act as an ice breaker for your guests.

Acting as your host, the entertainment brings guests together, building the atmosphere and energising the day whilst you are busy having photographs or chatting with others.

Many guests don’t actually know one another and when the small talk fades, there is a risk of a lull developing.

I see many people talking on Wedding Facebook groups that you don’t need to spend on entertaining guests at this time. They are either naïve or very lucky with the way their wedding went.  They have pictured the idea of all their family, friends and colleagues (who don’t know one another) just mingling and mixing, having a great time whilst they are away taking photos.

The reality is that this will not happen. You will get pockets of guests together and they will stick together, waiting for the next stage of the day. This significantly interrupts the flow of your day and gives the wrong tone for the fun day that you have planned.

I aim to replace that lull with a feel-good factor. I work to bring groups together and I leave them sharing their experiences and chatting about what they have just seen.

Wedding couple with Nick

What sort of tricks do you do?

All sorts! Anything from paper melting into real £20 notes, coins vanishing and reappearing in your guests clenched fists, card magic and mind reading.

The wedding couple also have an exclusive set, designed just for them – leaving you both with an impossible and magical object to keep.

Are there formal qualifications or tests magicians have to pass? I want to rank you alongside other magicians?

No! So you need to rely on other things to gauge a magician.

I strongly recommend that you ensure the magician you intend to hire is a member of the Magic Circle, London. This is a sign of professional excellence since it is notoriously challenging to become accepted as a member. Before you ask, I am a member, by the way 🙂

I also have a range of 5 star reviews on Google and my Facebook page which can offer you further assurances. Not only this, but I am officially recommended by a number of wedding venues across Norfolk and Suffolk.

You can make a judgement by watching a clip from some weddings here:

Do you offer a contract and issue invoices?

Yes, I am a professional.

You can rest assured that I will be there on your day – you have the contract!

My contract now contains a clause to protect you from the threat of a pandemic forcing you to postpone. I will never, ever take your deposit or fee from you if there any future pandemic takes everything away from you.

I want to make my service as simple as possible, so you can just agree the details online with the click of a button – no need for signing and posting (although you can do this if you prefer).

Do you have public liability insurance (PLI)?


Some venues will not allow entertainers to perform without this. Make sure your choice of entertainer has PLI.

I am covered for up to £10 million.

In addition, I can also provide full risk assessments and procedures to your wedding coordinator or venue if required.

Bride and groom with magician Ufford Park, Suffolk

Are you any good?!

I cannot answer that question personally!

Of course, I would like to think so!

I am not a ‘dabbler’ who does a few card tricks at the weekend to supplement my income. I have been doing magic since I was 5 years old and magic and balloon art are my passion.

I have won national and local competitions and performed all over Europe on cruise ships. I’ve spent years honing and refining my act so that I can work totally from my pockets, meaning that it doesn’t matter if your guests are sat round a table, stood in the garden or all crammed into the downstairs toilet; I can still entertain them, no matter what!

I urge you to read my 5 star reviews on Google to see what others have said. This is the only way you can find the answer to this question!

Here is also a list of some of my awards obtained over the years:

  • 2022 Best 5 star Rated Magician 2022 – Norfolk (SME News’ Business Elite Awards)
  • 2021 and 2022 Event Entertainer of the Year for London and the South East (Prestige Awards)
  • 2020 Wedding Magician of the Year (LuxLife Global Wedding Awards)
  • 2019 Bridebook Wedding Awards winner
  • Winner of the Anglian Magical Society’s Magician of the Year more times than anyone else in the history of the competition (7 times)
  • Numerous time winner of the Ipswich Magical Society’s Stage Magician of the Year and the Close-up table magic competition
  • 1998 UK winner of the Starmaker Talent Competition, competing with over 100 other professional entertainers (this one makes me feel old!)
Balloon motorcycle

I see you do balloons. Does that mean that you are a children's entertainer or something?

I no longer perform shows for children. I used to, when I was learning my craft, but I have now found my niche as a family wedding magician.

I put all of my energy into performing jaw dropping close-up magic in a close up environment. But I also present balloon art as you notice. This is not a dog or sword type of thing you may have seen before. I feel that this is kind of tacky.

I twist multiple balloons together to produce artistic replications of unicorns, princesses, cartoon characters, Star Wars characters, Disney and more…

I also twist for the adults! Once people see what I do, they immediately recognise that they are seeing something unique and they love a bit of the action – requesting all types of sculptures to add fun and excitement to your wedding.

Find out more about my balloon art here.

Guests enjoying wedding magician

Do I need to pay a deposit?


A £50 booking deposit is required at the time of confirmation. This places your date into my diary.

The rest of the fee is payable 7 days before your big day.

Wedding balloons with magician

There are no prices on your website. How much are you?!

Every event is quoted fairly on its own merit and requirements, so it is impossible to place a fee on my website. The best thing to do is to fill in a contact form (takes 30 seconds) found by clicking the button below.

As an indicator, my fee is usually around 2 to 3% of the average wedding budget in the East of England region (based on Bridebook survey, 2020).

Don’t forget to include the basic details about your event such as type of event, date, approx. times, number of guests, venue and location. Alternatively, just email me at info@nick-twist.co.uk

You can check out expected price ranges for wedding magicians in Norfolk and Suffolk here.