Balloon workshops

Want the most unique Children’s party idea?

Something the other Mum’s haven’t thought of yet?

Here it is! The most memorable and unique children’s party idea ever!

Your guests learn to make their very own balloons, learning basic technique along the way. They then use their new skills to build whatever they wish in the ‘Jam session’ that finishes off the session.

Quite simply, the children have the best time ever! Nick Twist will GUARANTEE your guests will be leaving your event with smiles and arms full of their very own balloons.

Just imagine the parent’s thoughts when they see their child arrive home from your event with a huge smile, arms full of balloons and a new skill under their belt. The other parents will not believe that you found such a unique and rare activity!

Nick Twist and the children having fun with balloons and magic.

Children love balloons. They enjoy balloon animals since they so rarely see them. When they are taught how to correctly make a balloon they feel really pleased with themselves. They have such fun, especially when they get to make whatever they wish at the end of the workshop. They will talk about the party when they get home and you can be satisfied of a great effort on your part for organising such a unique children’s party idea!

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