Important venue Information

This page is for venue staff and wedding/event coordinators. Contained are details of Nick Twist’s PLI, Risk Assessments and details.

I look forward to working with you and your staff and I’m always happy to help in anyway I can. If you need anything from me – just ask!

The first thing you should know is that my real name is Nick Chapman – Nick Twist is simply my performance name!

Direct contact details:
Nick Chapman (Nick Twist)
07752 721929

Collage of pictures: magician at weddings

Click here for Nick’s Public Liability Certificate (providing up to £10 million of cover)

Risk assessment 1 For strolling magic and balloon twisting at weddings and events. In addition to the risk assessment, if you have any staff members with a latex allergy, please let me know.

Risk assessment 2 For balloon twisting only at weddings and events

Other things to know

I sometimes perform a magic trick where a fork is twisted and bent. Please be aware that I would never, ever use your cutlery for this! I always bring my own.

I work by strolling around your venue chatting and entertaining guests. Expect to see me performing magic tricks and twisting balloon art for the children (and, of course, the big kids who inevitably ask for a balloon)!

If I am working when guests are sat for dining, I will never approach a table if they are eating a course – I feel it is rude. I will interject my entertainment in between courses so that the guests get an opportunity to fully enjoy their food. Therefore, if you have a table order for serving, letting me know on the day would be of huge benefit.

The balloons I use are 100% biodegradable. They contain no plastic and are made of latex. Responsible disposal of any balloon waste you may find at your venue is encouraged to avoid potential harm to wildlife. I always check for pieces of balloons before I leave, but breakages after I have left can result in latex around your site.

Want to see what I do in 1 minute? Take a look at the clip to find out what I do:

A cheeky plea for help!

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