Autumn wedding ideas for the UK

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Norfolk based wedding magician, Nick Twist, takes a look at the latest trends and autumn wedding ideas. So here it is…

1. When should you book an autumn wedding?

Holding a wedding in September, October or November is a mega busy time. Competition for venues and suppliers will be almost as high as in the summer so you must book everything as early as possible! If you find a venue or supplier that you like, don’t hang around – book them before someone else does!

A barn wedding is a perfect venue for an Autumnal wedding. The rustic and cosy feel really compliments the season. Many couples opt for this choice and Hunters Hall, Glebe Farm Barn.

2. An Autumnal day demands special attention

As you know, October and particularly November have relatively short days – consider your day carefully so that the right lighting exists for the activity you have planned.

For example, an outdoor fire pit looks and feels great at around 7pm as the evening guests arrive.

The photos work well 45 minutes before or after sunset as the right lighting for great photos exists at this point (so I’m told by a wedding photographer!) This is the time where the sky becomes softer and redder (as pictured).

Consider a late afternoon ceremony too perhaps at dusk so that you increase the autumnal ambience!

Set the tone early too. Consider using leaf motifs on all save the date or invitation stationary.

3. Autumn wedding decorations

There are lots of ways to get the right feel. Hay bales work brilliantly for a seasonal setting in a barn or a rustic venue. If you would rather tone it down slightly, bringing branches and twigs as interior decor looks great too.

Use atmospheric lighting in your ceremonial room or venue. LED tea lights are a good option if naked flames are not allowed and uplighting the walls of your venue in purple looks great – but perhaps a nice orange or red would really set the seasonal tone. Speak to your DJ or events supplier for their options.

Placing blankets on every chair provides a cosy autumnal feel too. I have seen some lovely orange blankets folded and neatly draped over the back of the chair ready for use. It looks great and is functional too! Alternatively, offer them rolled up and neatly arranged in wicker baskets.

4. Autumn wedding table decoration

Make sure to include dried leaves, fruits and tree cones for an authentic look.

Artificial (or real) pumpkins come in all shapes sizes and colours so consider involving them in someway.

Classic tea lights in glass look great alongside these and maybe even a copper vase or two filled with flowers if to add some height.

5. Arrival drinks

One of my favourite sections! You could get the same old prosecco and bottle of beers out for the welcome drinks but everyone does that (OK, I admit, I did this at my own wedding!). But autumn is the perfect time to be adventurous with your welcome drink selection!

Mulled cider or wine is a great seasonal arrival drink to serve. If you are thinking of something a little later on, a hot toddy could be served to those wanting something a little stronger.

There are some perfect non alcoholic choices too. The all time classic hot chocolate or even a coffee from a mobile barista van can work really well. imagine everyone gathering around a nice van as the sun begins to set – it will be awesome!

A lovely seasonal drinks idea I once saw involved a pumpkin. It had been carved out and filled with ice – a seasonal pumpkin ice bucket! I loved it and your guests will too.

6. The food

There are plenty of food choices but perhaps consider pumpkin soup for a starter and pheasant as main – it is game season after all.

Roasted root vegetables are all in season and would make an excellent side. Instead of having a cold buffet in the evening, have baked potatoes from a nice mobile catering set-up – there are some nice ones around. Perhaps have a nice chilli to pour over them or the traditional cheese and beans.

Honeycomb toffee is a a nice seasonal treat for some point in the day too. Offering this half way through one of your natural lull periods can help to inject a little excitement.

Raspberries and blackberries are nice desert fruits too for this time of year.

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7. Autumn wedding favours

Handing out toffee apples is a seasonal treat you could opt for.

Alternatively, a nice bag of autumn spices is a great touch. A quality jar of pickle is another popular wedding favour for this time of year.

8. Colour themes

I won’t mention the obvious choices here, but I’ll offer you some other choices for consideration.

Chocolate is a less obvious shade, but it looks warm, rich and gorgeous in autumn, particularly if you are planning a rustic feel as it looks great with hessian products. Burgundy is another beautifully opulent colour for the bridesmaids – it’s a very popular choice.

Autumn colour schemes don’t have to be dark either. Bolder couples could explore highlighting with neon yellow, lime green and sky blue!

9. Whizz and bang!

If you really want to steal the show, consider having a firework display. It’s great at this time of the year and it can wow your guests. A slightly less extravagant a cheaper option is to use sparklers/ They are just perfect or this time of year.

A ‘sparkler parade’ as the couple walk up for the first dance is beautiful. Here is a quick clip of a sparkler parade as well as some footage of a couples’ pumpkin table décor:

10. Other autumnal wedding tips

Collect lots of leaves. Let the children make leaf collages.

– Make up tips – Incorporating the autumn look is a very popular choice with brides. Orange or red eye pops or highlights in eye shadow and some extra bronzer all work well.

– Choose a wedding dress with long sleeves or find a cardigan or jacket to compliment the look.

– A tweed or wool suit for the groomsmen works very well at this season.

– Hessian table runners are perfect on autumn wedding tables.

– Take an umbrella or two! You may need it for the photos or simply to move around your venue if moving from building to building.

11. Bonus -Use an autumn themed wedding guestbook card for fun!

Don’t be like others with a traditional guest book – the problem with these is that people really struggle to write something or they are slightly tipsy and begin to write an essay!

Wedding greetings card

This alternative actually prompts people so they don’t sit there writing something just for the sake of it…’Congratulations, have a great life’ kind of stuff.

Magician Nick Twist at a wedding fair

I hope you have found some valuable tips in this article.

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