Free children’s wedding activity pack

Looking for ideas to keep the children entertained on your wedding day? Nothing could be simpler than printing out my completely free, 12 page children’s wedding activity pack. So what are you waiting for? ¬†Download my free wedding activity book now!

Picture of your free wedding activity bookWhat’s included?

In the pack, you get a great selection of activities such as classic colouring in, mazes, a wedding day quiz, a great photo challenge and drawing the bride and groom as well as other tasks designed to keep the children busy for a while. All you need to do is print out the required number of packs and supply a pack of colouring pencils such as these ones.

Additional ideas

Since the pack is not designed to keep children engaged for hours on end, you may feel you want more than this? Other than hiring professional entertainment or childminders, here are some additional ideas:

  • This great, free I-spy game.
  • These additional colouring pages.
  • Use this online crossword generator to make a custom, wedding related puzzle. Include questions such as ‘What is the brides name?’ and ‘What is the maiden name of the bride?’ etc.
  • Have some simple games, tablets with kids apps or even hula hoops for fun. Ensure the photographer snaps some great photos of the children enjoying the activities.

Finally, ensure you have read the mistakes everyone makes when children attend their wedding article.

And, if you are looking for a wedding entertainer in Norfolk who can occupy both the adults with sleight of hand magic and the children with balloon art, give me a shout!

Alternatively, if you need a magician in Suffolk, that’s covered with this link.


This pack is completely free for personal use. You can modify the pack as you see fit – but it’s easiest to simply use it all in its entirety. It is not permitted for you to use any of the content for commercial purposes. You will be sent additional, helpful information from Nick Twist too when signing up for this pack.


I hope that you have fun with these activities.

If you are one of my wedding clients, feel free to contact me and I can personalise the pack for you if required.

Kindest regards

Nick Twist.

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