Easton Grange Wedding Venue – Some magical fun

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Easton Grange is an exclusive wedding hire venue set in the Suffolk countryside. And what a great place it is to have a wedding!

I had never been here before but as soon as I entered the building, I could tell that this was a special place. This post will show you a little of the venue and how I helped entertain everyone with my wedding magic…

Easton Grange Foyer

The foyer area is large and spacious and you can enter the ceremony room or the piano bar from there.  All of the rooms are a good size for a wedding party and they look great.

The outside space was perfect too; the gardens were immaculate and the outdoor courtyard a good size for typical wedding numbers.

The venue was apparently once a dairy farm and there are some subtle links to cows to spot around the venue. I think that the bar area was once a cattle shed from these clues – but I could be wrong! It certainly isn’t like a cattle shed now! In fact, it was my favourite area in the entire venue.

Wedding magician Easton Grange

The reason I enjoyed the Piano bar so much was for its relaxed and contemporary feel. The jewel in the crown is a beautiful large olive tree in the centre – which looks stunning. Everyone was chilling with a drink or two as they settled into the large, comfortable seats.

I circulated this area performing my close up magic.

Balloon modelling at Easton Grange

I was able to read the guests minds, turn lottery tickets into twenty pound notes and perform my sleight of hand card magic – all within the bar and the courtyard as the Easton Grange staff prepared the wedding breakfast food.

We also twisted balloon sloths, aliens and mermaids for the children (and the big kids!). They really enjoyed this.

The couple hired a band to play in the corner of the bar – this added to the relaxed and atmosphere.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have some food at this point. The hog roast was delicious and the vegetable sides were cooked to perfection. I also had chocolate brownie and ice cream – my favourite!

After the food and speeches, I was ready to once again circulate the guests and perform sleight of hand coin magic, my fork bending routine and twist more balloons. This time, it was getting darker and I was able to add some flashing LED lights to enhance them!

Wedding magician at Easton Grange – The video!

Take a look at how much fun we had…

Card magician at Easton Grange, Suffolk
Inside Easton Grange

I really enjoyed being the wedding magician at Easton Grange in April 2022. We all had great fun and I would love to return one day. If you are arranging your wedding at this venue and feel like having a magician, find out what I can offer you here. Suffolk wedding magician, Nick Twist.

Testimonials by Easton Grange staff:

‘We’ve had a few magicians here but you can usually figure out how their tricks are done. I have absolutely no idea how you did those. The one with the twenty pound notes was just unbelievable.’


‘Those are the best balloon models I have ever seen.’

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