The Little Green Wedding Barn – A review

Planning or thinking of planning a wedding at The Little Green Wedding Barn near Diss? If so, this is a must read for you.

As a wedding industry supplier, I give you a run-down of everything you need to know. I guess it’s like an unofficial review of the wedding venue. So, let’s get cracking…

When this venue first opened, I couldn’t wait to get here and entertain at Joe and Hayley’s wedding on the 19th July 2021. I’m a wedding magician and I met the couple two years previously at a wedding fair. We finally beat the Covid restrictions and celebrated. This was only the venue’s fourth wedding as a consequence – but you would never have known. I have been lucky enough to come back here at least once each year since performing my wedding entertainment. In fact, I was here only last week (in 2024) which has prompted me to update this post a little.

The thing that stands out most for me is the host – Paul. What a thoughtful, hard-working guy! You WILL be in safe hands if you choose this venue. Everything is always expertly run by Paul and his team and the agenda is always followed like clockwork.

Here are my thoughts on my first visit, a number of years ago…

As I drove through the gates and parked up, I could instantly see the beautifully landscaped garden and the impressive glass building which protrudes from the barn itself. The guests were already there, chilling out in the sunshine filled gardens.

As I entered, I’m not going to lie, I needed the loo! Weirdly, I often find that you can instantly judge a venue by its toilets and found that this place has a very luxurious loo! A venue that is prepared to make a toilet look nice will probably be paying particular attention to everything else, in my opinion. Some nice looking tiles and a very modern and stylish sink which was supplied with hand wash and other ailments which go beyond my knowledge of pampering led me to know that we were going to be in for a treat with this venue. There is also some comical artwork here – you will just need to go and take a look yourself.

The arrival will impress

When your guests arrive at your wedding here, they will instantly notice the barn and glass building.

But as they walk up through the gardens, they will quickly know that they are going to enjoy their visit.

These gardens are very well kept and the lawn was freshly mown for the day. To my shock, not all venues do this (most do, but I won’t name and shame here!).

Flower beds looked pretty and the area was perfect for guests to mingle in. At night time, the large number of hanging lights presented a classy atmosphere for relaxing with a drink or two. Talking of drinks…

Garden at Little Green Wedding Barn

The bar

As guests move inside, they will see the bar directly in front of them.

This is a stylish and contemporary-look bar and it appeared well stocked. Some of the guests were sampling the shots quite early on too!

From here, you can turn left into the barn itself, or right into the dance floor area.

The barn

As you enter the barn, the top table will likely be in front of you. Well, it has been each time I visit. I guess smaller weddings could opt to have their top table at the end of the barn too if they prefer, but I think it was a great place to have the top table.

The barn is a 17th Century Grade II Listed building and the rustic look is still very present with the oak beams. The real beauty is that it is all combined with an elegant, modern look. It is very impressive.

I was able to visit each table in-between the wedding breakfast courses and present my magic to the guests (you can see some of this at the end of the article in the video of The Little Green Barn).

The dance floor

This area has been very well designed and it will suit your wedding day needs perfectly. Why?

Well, the dancing area has a tidy stage section to house your wedding band or DJ. Plus, there is a side area where you can easily place a casino table, photobooth or any other entertainment of your choice. There is even a small seating area at the back of the dance floor for tired legs!

The food

In between working sessions at the wedding, I have often been lucky enough to sample some of the food. I told you Paul was a nice guy, didn’t I?

What can I say?

Well, Paul and Sarah state on their website, ‘We are foodies at heart with 25 years’ experience of serving up modern cuisine…’

And I can tell you that they live up to this claim. The food is always sensational. I’m very fond of the bacon jam!

The venue as a whole

I really enjoy visiting this new venue.

You have many great areas for guests to relax in. There is the Barn itself, The Granary room, the bar area, the dance floor area and the beautiful gardens.

I highly recommend this wedding venue and urge you to book your date soon. I anticipate that this will be a very popular choice for couples for years to come.

A video of a wedding at The Little Green Wedding Barn

I’m an award wedding magician serving Norfolk and Suffolk venues. All of my wedding couples receive a raw-footage video compilation of the magic. Here are two videos I have produced at this venue – they will give you a great sense of how a wedding operates at The Little Green Wedding Barn:

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