Why should you book Nick for your party or wedding day?

Well, it’s wedding entertainment at its best!

Just picture your wedding day, amazing venue, food that makes your mouth water, beautiful décor and flowers, great company and fun – wow, it’s going to be great! It will literally whizz by in an instant. You will wish that the day never ends.

But it can be a very long day for your guests with quite a lot of waiting around.


They may start getting bored and start wondering what to do for an hour or so. They may even start reaching for their phones to check social media! The children will almost certainly start getting restless and running around, perhaps shouting and screaming. Oh no! This was supposed to be your special day!


How can you avoid this nightmare? Stop the phone zombies; calm the kids down; enjoy the perfect day!


Hire me, Nick Twist; the perfect solution to these problems. Magician Nick Twist at a wedding fair

I transform the quieter moments of your day into highlights!

1. Specialist family wedding entertainer.

Most weddings have a guest list consisting of a wide range of ages. You want all of them to have a fantastic day so you need a specialist in family entertaining; that way, you can rest assured that everyone will experience some entertainment and have fun at your wedding.

Packed with magical surprises, fun, laughter, astonishment and wonderful memories! Magic Circle London certified magic for the adults and teenagers, outstanding balloons like no one has ever seen for the children (and the adults!).

Adults will watch as coins literally vanish and appear in their clenched fists, Lotto tickets melt into real £20 notes, people have their minds read under impossible conditions and forks bend in unimaginable ways! The children will enjoy large balloon sculptures from unicorns, princesses with cute faces, Star Wars characters, Minions and even aliens with real flashing lights in their space suits!

This is unrivalled wedding entertainment at its finest.

laughter and chatting of guests2. Ice breaking. Some guests will not know one another at your wedding.

To get the best atmosphere, you want everyone chatting together, having fun. What better way of doing this than using magic and balloons which are designed specifically to get people chatting to one another?

Through these carefully structured routines of amazement, your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable – with no awkward silences! Nothing brings people together better than putting a smile on their faces.

3. Making the time fly by.

Weddings are long days for many and you don’t want them getting bored and wondering what to do during the quieter moments. Worse still, you really don’t want them reaching for their phones to check social media on your special day!

So, as your guests mingle and wait during those important family photos or maybe in the time just before the meal, create a magical atmosphere!

I can be there pulling the guests together to make the time fly past – they won’t even remember they have a phone, let alone check social media! Another suitable time for the entertainment is between the meal and the evening reception. This means that you can relax, knowing that your guests don’t have a moment to get bored!

4. Amazing memories captured in pictures.

Imagine the fantastic photographs your photographer will catch of the day. Capturing those smiles and that laughter as your guest’s experience amazing entertainment.

Group enjoying the magic at a wedding drinks reception

You will have some lovely pictures of your guests having fun to fill up your wedding album.The adults wide-mouthed with jaws dropped one moment and laughing in the next picture! The children will be beaming as they hold their huge, detailed balloon sculptures up to the camera to say, ‘Cheese’! And expect compliments for years to come when people talk about their utterly unique experiences they had at YOUR wedding!

5. Speech time.

Ever been to a wedding and you can’t hear the speeches because of bored children playing up?

You don’t have to worry about this as I can offer to entertain the children in a separate room during the speeches so that your guests can hear the words spoken clearly – with no bored children playing up in the background! (Only feasible if your venue has a suitable room away from the speeches!)

6. Produce a spectacle in front of all your guests.

Nick-performing-to-all-wedding-guestsWe can enjoy a ten-minute mini-show performed in front of your entire party of guests!

This could either be for the Bride and Groom where magical happenings show you both coming together in marriage, resulting in an impossible gift for you both to keep.

Or we can simply stitch-up the Best man – we will take one of his twenty pound notes and burn it up in front of everyone, only for it to eventually make a miraculous return, unharmed!

7. Planning booklets.

As a valued client, you receive a collection of wedding planning booklets I have written based on my industry experience.

These will ensure you have every little detail covered.

Sit down with a cup of tea and take a look at these guides as they talk you through reducing planning stresses, speech writing tips, lighting ideas to create magical atmospheres, general tips and tricks, checklists, etc. There are over 50 tips and ideas in these booklets – you are sure to find many useful actions you can take to enhance your day even further.

8. Complimentary gift to help you out on the day.

In addition to the planning guides, you receive my absolute most popular resource I have ever produced!

A children’s activity pack to keep them busy during those quieter moments.

This pack includes maze games, colouring pictures, challenge games and more!

Not only that, but you also receive an adult brainteaser booklet. You know those people who think they know it all? Wait for a quiet moment and hand them the booklet – can they get 15 out of 15 of my brainteaser questions right? This is a sure fire way of generating fun and laughter!

9. Safe.

I hold £10 million of Public Liability Insurance. An absolute must for any professional performer.

I have been covered with this for many years, although I have never needed to use it!

Don’t hire a magician who does not have this cover.

Many wedding venues insist on seeing a performers public liability details before allowing them to perform at their premises. Don’t get caught out by hiring someone who is not able to provide this. Also, being a professional, everything has been correctly risk assessed and checked. (I know, this is boring but ensure you hire a professional who has done all of this!)

10. Experienced.

Your wedding guests deserve the best so rest assured that I am able to deliver this.

I have over 20 years of performing experience from being the youngest ever magician to work the Pontins Holiday centres at 16 years of age to cruise ships and countless wedding receptions.

I am also a multi award winning magician having won a national talent competition at 17 years old and being the most awarded magician ever by the Norwich based Anglian Magic Society. I have also won 5 awards at the Ipswich Magical Society. You are in very safe hands!

And remember, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not entirely satisfied with my service, I’ll give you your money back. I know of no other wedding suppliers prepared to make this guarantee, but I know many have said that I am crazy for offering it! I have every trust that my service will meet your needs so offer it with no fear. I have never been asked to give back my fee, in fact I am only ever rated 5/5 stars by my bride and grooms!

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If you are still not 100% sure about hiring wedding entertainment, consider this:

A recent survey in Bride and Groom magazine showed that:

72% of newly weds wished they had planned more entertainment.

68% wished they has spent more money on their entertainment, saving this by cutting food costs

84% of GUESTS said they wished there was some entertainment planned at a wedding reception – don’t dissapoint them!

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