12 things you’ll regret if you don’t do these on your wedding day

As a Norfolk based wedding magician and balloon entertainer, I really wished people would have said,

“Why didn’t we hire you? The fun, laughter, screams of delight and air-punching your entertainment creates would have led to a wonderful feel-good factor on our day.

We could have relaxed as a couple much more knowing that you were there looking after everyone – whilst we hid away to have some time to ourselves.”

But they didn’t.

So I’ve simply shoehorned it in here instead, right at the start!

It’s all completely true but I had to get it in there as food-for-thought and later, as you read this article, you’ll see the benefits of hiring me on your wedding day!

Anyway, here are REAL things couples wish they had considered before their wedding day.

1. The videographer

What? But I’m not hiring a videographer. And there lies a significant regret made by many.

In a recent survey carried out by Brides.com, 35% of newly-weds wished they had hired one. But why is this?

You (probably!) only get married once. The day passes so quickly and moving footage captures memories that still images cannot.

Don’t get me wrong – you still need a photographer as the reverse is also true. So many other emotions are captured in images.

Most videographers are highly skilled in producing cinematic footage with story lines reflecting your day.

You’ll simply love watching it back for years to come.

2. The dress

If you are a bride to be, this was probably one of the first things you thought of.  Should you be so worried about getting the right one?


Stop worrying that you haven’t found the perfect dress yet and keep looking.

Don’t stress over the time it takes.

This is your day. Your dress and your wedding.

Make sure it’s perfect (just don’t get all Bridezilla about it!).

Also, never ever order wedding dresses online when they are massively discounted. I’m not going to say anymore on this issue – you have been warned!

3. The shoes

Are you venturing outside on your wedding day? Your shoes are good for that, right?

And you tried them on at home a few times before the day so that they wouldn’t hurt when wearing them at your wedding?

So many brides end up taking their wedding shoes off!

Take a shoe survival kit with you if needed…

Include gel inserts, plasters and a pair of flat shoes or sandals! You can’t dance all night long in those heels and be pain free!

Your toes will thank you later when you need the ability to walk.

4. The food

Do you really want a gourmet meal for your wedding breakfast? Perhaps. But if not, don’t go to the huge expense.

So many couples regret having paid so much for food at this time and wish that they had allocated the budget elsewhere.

Perhaps budget it for the evening for a summer’s BBQ or wood fired pizza oven.

Top tip: the evening always benefits from tasty snacks.

Many couples regret not having arranged for bacon sandwiches or something similar for later in the evening.

I recommend you check out Meat and Eat, based in Swaffham.

5. The venue

Usually couples do not regret the decision of their venue. This is probably the biggest expense so much research has already taken place. But…

Ensure that there is enough space for everyone. Some couples regret not having the space when they underestimate the size of the venue compared to the numbers invited. Why?

Viewing a venue during a time when it is empty is vastly different to viewing it full of wedding guests. Remember this!

Amongst many others in our fantastic area of Norfolk, I don’t think you can go wrong with these venues: Hunters Hall, Oxnead Hall, Norfolk Mead Hotel.

6. The cake cutting

Why do we cut the cake at 8pm?

Perhaps its so that everyone doesn’t fancy cake by then and we get to watch the venue coordinator throw it all in the bin. Yes, that’s why. How terrible.

You getting it yet?

Why not cut the cake immediately after the wedding breakfast?

Everyone is already sat down and can watch the tradition. Unlike the time later on when the DJ is constantly shouting:

Were gonna cut the cake. Everyone come over here – we’re gonna cut the cake. Why is no one coming?…

WE ARE CUTTING THE CAKE, COME HERE NOW. Oh this isn’t working. Sorry happy couple just cut it now in front of these 10 people.

CAUTION: Cutting the cake early does mean that your evening guests will not see it, so think about this one carefully if you want to show it off!

There are many great cake bakers in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Try chatting with Bekka at Bees Bakes for a great wedding cake.



Just for fun, here is the scene at my own wedding – just before we cut the cake. Got to love my wife, hey!

Wedding couple having fun

7. The people

Are you assuming that just by inviting lots of guests you’re going to generate a great atmosphere?

You would be wrong!

The people will make your day, but only if they are happy.

If you keep the guests amused and entertained, you are going to have one great atmosphere.

Many brides report to have regretted not considering their guest experience of their day.

Bride.com asked newly weds what they thought would have made a ‘truly unforgettable wedding day’ both before and after their day. What they found out may surprise you.

They found that, on average, brides placed DJs and entertainment as the fifth most important point before their wedding. Afterwards, it had risen to 3rd in the priority level (after the venue and photographer)!

This means that hindsight allowed them to prioritise the venue, photographer and entertainment OVER food, flowers, décor and,,,get this, the dress!

Having had their wedding, they realised the impact these services had on their guests’ experience.

Leave the guests alone all day and, once the small talk between group’s tails off, they may fall foul of becoming phone scrolling zombies with miserable faces.

So research your DJ/band, hire in garden games or invite a wedding entertainer to inject fun during those quieter moments. Did I mention that I am a family wedding entertainer?! Find out what I can do for you and your guests here…

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8. The wedding coordinator

What do they even do? Go and find out.

“I wish I knew the importance of the planner beforehand. I would have bought the biggest package that my budget allowed for.”

– Margot, 27

Find out what a wedding coordinator is.

9. The sunset photo

These shots are amazing.

If a photographer says we have to go right now to get the shot – do it.

I don’t care if you are about to swallow a mouthful of locally produced organic vegan strawberry tart. You can have another piece of that tomorrow.

Always listen to your expert photographer.

10. The DJ

Have you ever wondered just exactly what a DJ is saying when they talk over your favourite music track? Probably.

That’s because they are inexperienced and using cack equipment.

Instead, hire someone who understands you and your music. Someone that has invested in real quality equipment and lighting.

This guy or gal will know what to play and when.

This is priceless – honestly (see note about people in point 3 again if you don’t believe me).

Want a great wedding DJ? Check out Karl and his team at KSD events.

11. The table centre pieces

Let’s hire a huge centre piece for every table. It will look amazing!

That’s what many said. Oh dear…

When people are sat at tables, most will naturally want to socialise and talk. Have you ever tried talking to someone through a rain forest of flowers, fairy lights and sparkly things?

It won’t work.

I have frequently seen wedding guests REMOVE large centrepieces from tables because they just couldn’t chat, relax and have a nice time.

“The food, music, entertainment and booze are what will make your wedding memorable. I spent hours and way too much money on the tiny details of my centre pieces. When I speak to anyone about my wedding, they mention how awesome the atmosphere was and how much fun they had dancing. Put on some crowd-pleasing music and serve beer and wine and you’ll have an incredible time.”

– Tamara

12. Your experience

Spend time with people you want to be with. Only invite those that you truly want there. It is your day, not theirs.

My biggest tip of the entire article is this…

Your day will go SO quickly you just won’t believe it. Make sure you have time to slip off somewhere with your newly-wed and spend half hour together alone. Got that?

Magician Nick Twist at a wedding fair

I hope you have found some valuable tips in this article.

Make sure that you don’t have any regrets about bored and lifeless wedding guests, who all look miserable on your amazing photos – book me as your wedding magician! (Shameless plug there.) Find out more about my award winning service here.

Finally, if you like what you have read, take a look at this…

Like what you have read?

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