The Wedding Magic Show, by Norfolk/Suffolk magician – Nick Twist

Winding up the best man in the show

What is the show?

This is a small show presented in front of your entire wedding party. It can be held in front of the top table, in front of your band/stage/DJ area or in any corner of your venue where everyone can see.

It’s a memorable and special addition to any wedding reception. Guaranteed to bring laughter, fun and a special moment of wonder – all about the wedding couple!

Nick Twist will take you and your guests on a magical journey through your love story. We find out how you fell in love and the special quirks that make your relationship so special.

Alongside this, one of the many highlights is turning the Best Man into a real magician, live on stage!

Watch as he learns how to perform an amazing piece of magic presenting a hilarious card trick. He correctly identifies a card that one of your guests is just thinking about in their mind! Sure to leave everyone laughing, amazed and astounded.

The Wedding Magic Show

Here is a 1 minute video clip of the fun you could have when hiring the Wedding Magic Show by Nick Twist…

Wedding couple with the wedding show finale

This is more than just a 15 minute magic show.

Not only is this show entertaining, but it is the perfect way to warm up your guests just before your wedding speeches.

Nick will focus everyone’s attention, get them laughing and warm them up for the big event itself – the wedding speeches!

Or perhaps you use the show to gather your guests together, get the laughing and warm them up for the cake cutting and first dance? The choice is yours.

Magical toast with floating glass by champagne bottle

What magic is in the show?

This is up to you!

But usually, we will:

  • Toast the couple in a magical way
  • Find out what initially attracted you both to one another – in an amazing card trick about the people in your life
  • Turn a special guest (e.g. the Best Man) into an instant magician, in a highly interactive and fun way
  • Or simply wind up that special guest with a couple of sucker punches. All in a fun and magical way, of course
  • Finish with a spectacle where Nick Twist reveals, via his mind reading abilities, that he knew the special moments in your journey all along
Shows in the past by Nick Twist

What experience do you have with shows?

I have been performing professional stage and cabaret shows since the age of 17. Without giving my age away (!), that’s over 25 years experience. Having travelled all over Europe on ships and entertaining at venues across the East Coast, I have gained the experience needed to create a great moment for you all.

Why should I have the show at my wedding?

It will give you:

  • Great photo opportunities
  • Offers a moment to warm up the audience before your speeches
  • Or, can be used to gather everyone together in the evening so that they can watch the first dance and cake cutting
  • Great, interactive and belly laughing fun
  • A talking point to help your guests bond and get to know one another
Interactive card trick in the show

How can I book the show?

The show can be booked on its own, direct from Nick Twist by enquiring below.

Or, most often, it is offered as an upgrade to Nick’s close up magic wedding packages at a small additional fee. It is included for free on the top package.

So, make an enquiry today. Nick has to turn down a lot of enquirers as he gets booked up quickly, so hurry!

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