Wedding planning

Norwich magician tips on hiring a magician

Tips on hiring a magician

Hiring a magician in Norfolk or Suffolk for your wedding, party or event? You need to consider a number of factors. Norfolk and Suffolk based magician Nick Twist explains what you should look for. So what makes for a good choice of magician? Well, oddly, It’s not just the magic which is important – it's the magician's understanding of you and making your wedding or event the very best it can be. It’s their professionalism, their ability to confidently approach…
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HOw to reduce wedding planning stress

Overcoming wedding planning stress

The secrets to overcoming wedding planning stress! Advice and tips for common planning issues and concerns. Planning a wedding is stressful. In my experience helping brides plan their weddings in Norfolk, I have found that there are usually solutions to the most common reasons for anxiety and I have compiled them here for your convenience. 1. The groom is not helping! This often gets brides really tense! They are planning for what seems like a 24-7 basis and the groom doesn’t seem…
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