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Hiring a magician in Norfolk or Suffolk for your wedding, party or event?

You need to consider a number of factors.

Norfolk and Suffolk based magician Nick Twist explains what you should look for.

So what makes for a good choice of magician?

Well, oddly, It’s not just the magic which is important – it’s the magician’s understanding of you and making your wedding or event the very best it can be.

It’s their professionalism, their ability to confidently approach the job you need them to do and the experience they have of making you – the person who organised the event or wedding – look special. Your chosen magician should bring far more than just the entertainment!

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1. Check if they are any good!

If you were looking to hire a chef, chances are you want a qualified one. He or she would have worked hard to obtain those qualifications. A magician can’t get qualifications in magic to show that they are able to do the job, but they can work hard to become a member of various organisations which stand for the very best in their fields. You should look for these signs of professionalism. For example…

If the magician is able to perform sleight of hand magic in an entertaining way, they will have been invited to become a member of The Magic Circle in London. If you are considering hiring a magician in Norfolk or Suffolk – check that they have been able to pass the notoriously difficult interview and audition process by looking for The Magic Circle logo. The Magic Circle stands for the very best in magic and is like a seal of approval! Make sure you hire one of their members for guaranteed results.

Also, is the magician a professional entertainer? If they have been accepted as a member of Equity,  they are – and you can trust that they can perform to an audience.

Would you hire an ‘unqualified’ magician?

Magician with guests in Norwich

2. Photos

Always look at the photos and videos the magician has.

There are a few options to consider when hiring a magician in Norfolk or Suffolk. When you view their image galleries, do they show guests enjoying themselves, looking amazed – perhaps open mouthed in shock? On the other hand, do they show people who are looking ‘politely and kindly’ at the magician – hoping it will end soon?

Pictures tell a thousand words as they say! Take a look at Nick’s image gallery here.

Roaming magician with guests

3. Reviews and testimonials

What do other people in your position say about the magician? This is one of the most important things to check out. Find out what people say about the magician and how they helped them at their wedding or event.

Always check Google reviews for a sure for an independent view and Facebook pages are great too.

Help for hiring a magician in norfolk

4. Chat with the magician

Meet up with them, go to a wedding fair they are attending or simply call them! You will quickly know if the magician is right for you.

5. Venue recommendations

The people who see magicians the most are those that co ordinate weddings and parties at venues.

Who do they recommend?

This is a huge turning point in your decision making. Those people who see the magicians who work in your area can really see which magician(s) really wow the guests and understand the dynamics of events.

In my area (Norfolk and Suffolk) I am the recommended magician at many venues and wedding fair organisers. This type of recommendation really counts! So, check out who your party or wedding venue recommends.

I’m recommended by many venues and wedding fair coordinators, including:

Recommended by hunters hall, oxnead hall, kesgrave hall

6. Make sure the magician understands your needs

A message from Nick Twist…
When I turn up as a close up magician at a wedding or private function, I know that it’s certainly NOT all about the magic. I am confident enough to mingle with crowds and look after your guests. I’m able to interact with them and react to happenings – to ad lib. This creates a personal and memorable experience for them which means that they have a great time and compliment you!

I understand weddings and events:

I know that there are sometimes delays and I cover by entertaining your guests so that they don’t even realise there is a problem. Often, at weddings or large family get-togethers, it is difficult to get round and talk to everyone at once. I will cover by meeting the groups furthest away from you and they experience the magic while you speak with other groups. My group will then be in high spirits from the magic and they haven’t even noticed that you had not yet had a chance to chat with them. My job is to look after your guests so that you can relax and enjoy yourself!


Any professional magician should know all of this – but find out if they actually do.

Wedding at Barnham Broom, Norwich, Card magic family fun

7. Price

And you should never pick on just price alone! Price is determined by many, many factors! A cheap magician is probably someone looking to get started in the business and is hoping for experience before increasing his/her fee. Can you confidently hire them knowing that they have both the confidence and experience to do what you need them to? Maybe, maybe not? You have to decide!

At the other end of the spectrum, a very expensive one may not necessarily be better than a middle-priced magician. You should base your decision on how the magician will fit in with your guests, not necessarily the price.

Hiring Nick Twist will cost only around 3% of an average East Anglian wedding budget (Source: wedding review 2018) yet the value he provides to you and your guests far outweighs this. Find out how much a wedding magician should cost here.


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