Ways to make my wedding more fun

I guess you are here to make your wedding more fun, right?

Weddings can be a little traditional at times but you don’t need to settle for boring.

You can have a unique, quirky day that everyone will remember for the right reasons. As a wedding magician, I have seen a ton of great ideas to spice up your wedding day. And I want to share them with you right now.

This article is written by Nick Twist, Norfolk and Suffolk Wedding Magician.

magic at wedding


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Wedding guests having fun with games
  1. Outdoor activities

Wedding golf hire – a fun way to get guests interacting with one another.

Why not hire a bouncy castle (white ones look great at weddings).

Or hire some lawn games. But be careful, Uncle Bob may hog it!

Playing jenga at a wedding

2. Movie night:

Hire an outdoor projection kit (your DJ may be able to help here) and show a movie or two under the stars.

People can come and go and it will be so chilled out there!

3. Waffle bar

Everyone loves waffles. Set up an area with sauces, sweets and all sorts of toppings.

Guests can come, top up a waffle, wander off and scoff it down!

4. DIY Photo booth

Set up an area with various props or cardboard cut-outs (find some here).

People can take photos and upload them to social media with a hashtag you come up with. Why not spice the area up with a cheap photo booth balloon frame? Find out more at that link right there.

size of photo booth frame

5. Balloon artist/modeller

Not a clown with a rubbish balloon dog!

We are talking wow balloons here! They are amazing and your guests will be laughing at the creations and trying to work out what the balloon artist is making next.

Really fun and it’s not just for kids. Imagine adults walking around with oversized masks, children running around in jet packs and wearable unicorns! Really fun and memorable stuff. Click for a wedding balloon artist or watch the video here:

6. Cocktail hour:

Have pre-dinner cocktails so guests can mingle and try some great tasting concoctions! You could create your own cocktail for the day which reflects your own personalities…

Both love vodka? Start with that. One of you loves lime? Chuck it in. The other likes cherry – try it?! Make up your own fun drink for everyone.

7. Live music:

It creates such a great atmosphere to have some live music in the background. If it’s earlier in the day, you don’t want loud – just chilled. It will be perfect.

8. Casino night:

Hire a casino table with fun money. Many companies print notes with your faces on them to make it really fun! (These are not official gambling tables, just fun and the winner of the night often gets a free bottle of bubbly).

9. Magician:

A magician will bring everyone together and get them chatting about their shared experience of amazement.

People rarely, if ever, see magic right up close and they will definitely remember this entertainment that you have put on for them. Expect LOTS of compliments from your guests!

Check out Nick Twist, Norfolk and Suffolk Wedding Magician here!

And this is a one minute clip showing the fun…

10. Balloon dance floor experience:

I can’t explain how much fun this is. If you are looking for a party to remember, take a look right now!

Adults having fun with their balloon hats made by Nick Twist - wedding magician in norfolk

11. Comedy show:

Hire a comedian for a 30 minute show to break up the day.

Or get some singing waiters. These are super fun and the surprise element adds a lot of shock! People will love the laughter you have given them.


So there you have it, a few ways to make your wedding a blast. Hopefully one or two of these ideas help you out.

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