What is a balloon artist?


Why should I hire a balloon artist for my wedding or event?

Norwich balloon artist Nick Twist explains…

what is balloon artist title

A balloon artist is the name given to someone who creates objects with balloons. There are two (perhaps even three) types of balloon artistes:

  1. Balloon modeller (sometimes called a balloon twister).
  2. Balloon decorator (sometimes simply referred to as a décor artist).
  3. Déco-twister – Recently, there has been a movement to mix the two art forms together to create very intricate yet large scale designs for room and event decoration. There are called Déco-twisters.

Let’s dive deeper into the groups.

1. Balloon modeller (or twister)

Suitable for: Birthday parties, weddings, christenings and events.

The classic balloon dog is made by a balloon twister. They create animals from balloons, usually right in front of the children (or big kids) as a form of entertainment. This is interactive and fun.

Often, if you have a skilled balloon modeller, the adults love it just as much as the children. They are fascinated as they watch the models being formed right in front of their eyes. A long balloon quickly being twisted into other balloons, slowly forming a recognisable design, is often really interesting to see.

photos balloon animals and models

Gone are the days of just a balloon dog or sword.

Recently, new techniques have been created by artists worldwide. Their innovations quickly move through the close-knit groups via online groups meaning that sculptures are much more advanced nowadays.

Not only this, but the development of newly shaped modelling balloons (not just the long thin balloon you may be used to) can lead to some amazing art. Multiple balloons are twisted together to form large, elaborate designs. If you hire a skilled modeller, you can expect realistic looking animals, cartoon characters, motorcycles, Disney-inspired models, crazy hats and maybe even balloons with flashing lights in them!

wedding dance floor

Some balloon artistes even create interactive models which can be used as games on a dancefloor at a wedding or event. Some can even be worn such as bracelets, headbands, fairy wings, jetpacks, and even ride-inside cars and horses. This really makes your event stand out as hugely unique and fun. Adults especially love this.

Take a look to see how a professional balloon twister can make your event even better…

Looking for a balloon twister/modeller?

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Guests enjoying party with balloonsNorwich balloon twister, Nick Twist can help out!

2. Balloon decorator

Suitable for: Weddings, christenings and corporate events

Decorators will go to your wedding or event before your guests arrive and use balloons to decorate your room. This can involve anything from a simple cluster of helium balloons to a balloon arch or balloon wall. There are two types of décor, classic and organic.

They can offer balloon columns, arches, garlands and even photo frames. These images show what’s what!

balloon column
Balloon arch
Balloon garland

What’s the difference between classic and organic balloons?

Classic décor involves balloons which have been inflated to exactly the same size, creating structures which are symmetrical and ‘neat’. You can have columns of balloons (which are freestanding clusters of balloons) or balloon arches and garlands (balloons arranged nicely and attached to a wall or staircase).

Organic décor has become the new industry standard in recent years. Some decorators only offer organic nowadays. The balloons are inflated to various sizes and arranged in random ways (well, they appear random but the artist uses clever techniques to make it appear that way) to create asymmetrical detailed displays. They are still arranged in to columns, arches or garlands, it’s only the style that differs.

organic garland

This beautiful piece was for a wedding in Norfolk, built by Deck Balloons of Norwich.

photo frame

This balloon photo frame/booth was built by Nick-Twist of Norwich.

Classic arch

This classic balloon arch was built by Nick Twist.

Balloon table arch

This table cake arch was built by Nick-Twist of Norwich.

3. The new type of artist?

Deco twisters

These artists combine the two so you end up with highly intricate twisted sculpture added to a balloon arch, wall, balloon column or garland. They can look stunning.

Not many artistes are good at both twisting and décor so this artist is rare and in high demand.

deco-twister balloon coloumn

A few other balloons made by Nick Twist, Norfolk and Suffolk based balloon artist…

wedding couple with Nick Twist
deadpool balloon model
girls birthday balloon gift mermaid
Life sized alien balloon

About the author

Guests enjoying party with balloons

Nick Twist is a Norwich based balloon artist offering entertainment for weddings and events.

He also supplies large balloon sculptures for special birthday events.