Things wedding guests hate

12 things guests will hate at your wedding

You are going to love your wedding day.

After all, you’ve spent the best part of a few years planning it to perfection. But this is only your perfection…there are many things that wedding guests hate.

Ignore them, and it will look bad on you and your planning.

Being aware of these pet hates will allow you to plan away the ‘cack’ and ensure that everyone has a blast.

Let’s be blunt about your wedding…

One of the most important things is the guest experience. Like it or hate it, it’s true? Why…

If the guests are not enjoying themselves, the atmosphere will suffer and the day will drain away into something remembered as, well, a bit of a flop.

We cannot let this happen.

Let’s take control and ensure that your wedding is bloody brilliant for everyone.

1. Guests hate it when they realise there is no seating plan.

People actually like seating plans, despite them being a real pain to sit and plan out.

No one wants a free-for-all, despite what some websites may suggest. It only opens up options for people to feel part of a popularity contest.

And the ‘losers’ have to sit with Uncle Harry who tries to make polite conversation in awkward situations. Don’t allow this horror to occur; sit down, do the leg work and carefully plan. (Rachael Bull design will produce an amazing display for you, as pictured)

Which leads me to…

2. Wedding guests hate being sat with strangers

People don’t mind being with some strangers on a table. But ensure they at least know a couple of people they are positioned with. Otherwise, awkward moments await.

People won’t enjoy waiting for the two hour wedding breakfast and speech session (see below) to finally finish so that they can go and chat with their actual friends and family.

This is a sure fire way to put a serious damper on the day for many and it requires a real showstopper to bring these guests back to party mode.

They may simply just have had enough of the boredom if you haven’t. And this means people remember your day for the wrong reasons.

3. Long speeches simply irritate wedding guests

As a wedding magician, I am often present during the speeches, waiting to continue performing for all the guests.

I mostly dread this part because it is so unpredictable. But usually, the session drags.

I look around the room and see some guests politely smiling, some secretly checking their phone underneath the table and others outright yawning. And who is to blame them?

There is simply nothing worse than someone standing there with little or no experience of public speaking, believing that they are now a stand-up comic. And they go on, and on, and on…

Make sure you put strict time limits on speeches, or you are in for a boring ride. Want help planning wedding speeches, check out my guide here.

4. Long waits/lulls lead to wedding guest boredom – Number one pet hate

When planning your timeline, take a look at the amount of natural lulls which will certainly be there.

There is no way to avoid down time on your day-long wedding, but avoid planning for them at your peril!

Waiting around for food means that children get restless, run around screaming and sliding on their knees upon an empty dancefloor (The second thing is kind of cute though).

The men get hangry which leads to the women getting irritated by their other half’s moaning.

But there are solutions.

There are plenty of ways to entertain and engage guests during these times. You need something interactive and ideally surprising.

From garden games (see celebration cars and events), cocktail mixing, walk around entertainers such as a wedding magician, and photo scavenger hunts.

It really doesn’t take much to plan for these moments and you must seriously consider allocating some of your budget to these times. After all, wedding guest experience is key to the success of your day.

In a recent survey carried out by CandyKing, this is guest’s most hated thing about weddings. So plan for interactivity at these moments.

Award winning wedding entertainment

5. Being forced to dance is embarrassing

Many people love dancing. Others simply hate it.

Never pull people onto your dance floor if they don’t want to get on with you.

You may feel it’s just a bit of fun and that you’re getting the party started. But you’re not.

You are simply embarrassing them and they will feel mightily awkward. Again, leading to a negative guest experience of your day.

There are many ways to get the party started by the way. Here’s one unique way to get people onto a dance floor.

6. Wedding guests hate bad music/DJs

One of the most important planning decision you will make. Did you know that this is one of wedding couples’ biggest regrets?

(I have 12 wedding day regrets explained here if you’re interested.)

A decent DJ can read the floor, interact with guests and literally make the party. An inexperienced evening entertainer can ruin your evening. So hire a quality wedding DJ or band.

7. Mid-week weddings

You may be saving a few quid, but people don’t like having to take time off work to attend weddings. This is a fact.

Everyone loves a weekend wedding. There is something about the weekend; it’s relaxation time for some and party mode for others.

Attending a wedding at the weekend just feels right. And guests will subconsciously emanate this feeling throughout the day.

8. Guests hate not having been thanked

Attending a wedding comes at a huge expense.

Yes, you have fed them and possibly even poured alcohol into them (maybe not literally?). But they need to pay for expensive drinks, buy a new outfit, travel there, perhaps find a place to stay and offer you a gift or cash.

They will appreciate a thank you note.

A poll carried out found that the expense of attending a wedding is the second most hated thing guests’ experience. So consider a nice thank you card!

9. Wedding guests dislike uncomfortable environments

If it’s a summer wedding, ensure your venue is not too hot.

Just as annoying, make sure the air conditioning is not on super chill! Temperature related comfort is key for guest relaxation.

On a similar note, if you’re planning an autumn or winter wedding (autumn wedding ideas here), make sure the venue is well heated.

A simple and overlooked element of the day.

10. Guests hate it when weddings clash with other events

Since you set your date well in advance, there may be little you can do about this one.

But if your wedding is set for the Wimbledon final or a big football match/Six Nations fixture, like it or not, some guests will be upset.

You may not really want to, but setting up a TV in a room at your venue for the fixture would be a huge thing for many guests. Yes, you will lose them for a couple of hours but they will be far more appreciative of this than if you haven’t. But it’s your wedding and your choice!

Other clashes could be in the middle of Year 11 exam timetables when guests have 16 year olds or even birthdays. Again, little you can do about that one!

11. Guests don’t like random wedding cakes

In the UK, we love a piece of Victoria sponge, chocolate or lemon cake.

Something like a wedding cheesecake may look unique but, the truth is, many guests will feel slightly disappointed with it.

Have a traditional wedding cake to avoid disappointing guests. Aimees Kitchen made this fabulous cake, check her out for more information.

12. Guests hate crying babies during the ceremony

OK, you probably already knew this one!

But the truth is, parents are usually very good at quickly removing screamers from a ceremony room so don’t worry too much about it.

If you have very young guests, consider a small play area set up for them to retreat to during these awkward moments.

Magician Nick Twist at a wedding fair

I hope you have found some valuable tips in this article.

Make sure that you don’t have any regrets about bored and lifeless wedding guests, who all look miserable on your amazing photos – book me as your wedding magician! (Shameless plug there.) Find out more about my award winning service here.

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