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Party planning ideas

Planning a party in Norwich in 2021 Let’s party! Because, quite frankly, we all need to. The end of lockdown and Corona virus restrictions means that people just want to meet, socialise and enjoy life again. But how do you safely plan a family get together, BBQ, party, or birthday celebration in 2021? Nick Twist, Norfolk and Suffolk party magician explains how to organise the best party of 2021. Although specific to the parties and events in the Norwich area…
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Bored wedding guest

Things guests hate at weddings

Things wedding guests hate 12 things guests will hate at your wedding You are going to love your wedding day. After all, you’ve spent the best part of a few years planning it to perfection. But this is only your perfection…there are many things that wedding guests hate. Ignore them, and it will look bad on you and your planning. Being aware of these pet hates will allow you to plan away the ‘cack’ and ensure that everyone has a…
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How much does a wedding magician cost

How much does a wedding magician cost? Wedding magician prices in the UK If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you probably notice that there are large gaps of time where everyone mingles around. This can get tedious. Savvy couples realise this. They look to hire wedding entertainment to fill the gap so that everyone has a fantastic day and compliments them for months or even years to come. Since you have found this web page, you probably understand all…
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Plan an amazing party

How do you plan an amazing party - the best ever?   You want everyone to love your party, right? One where all your guests will congratulate you on a mighty fine effort, but how? Whether you’ve been tasked to organise the company summer or Christmas party, a christening or family gathering, all of these ideas and hints can apply to you.   We’ve all been to parties where people are sitting around slightly bored – looking for a polite…
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12 things you’ll regret if you don’t do these on your wedding day

12 things you'll regret if you don’t do these on your wedding day As a Norfolk based wedding magician and balloon entertainer, I really wished people would have said, “Why didn’t we hire you? The fun, laughter, screams of delight and air-punching your entertainment creates would have led to a wonderful feel-good factor on our day. We could have relaxed as a couple much more knowing that you were there looking after everyone - whilst we hid away to have…
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Autumn wedding ideas

Autumn wedding ideas for the UK Autumn weddings are the new summer weddings! This article will offer over 20 different tips across more than 10 areas for consideration. As well as this, you get the chance to sign up to receive 6 pdf wedding planning booklets for free. Norfolk based wedding magician, Nick Twist, takes a look at the latest trends and autumn wedding ideas. So here it is... 1. When should you book an autumn wedding? Holding a wedding…
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The perfect wedding drinks reception

Having the perfect wedding drinks reception is key. Imagine it: you will already have set the ambience of your day during the ceremony; the decor you chose, the music you played and any personal touches you decided to include. But once that is finished, your guests are propelled into the drinks reception period... …and this sets the tone of the entire day! So, read this 5 minute article to ensure you get it right! I’m Nick Twist, a Norwich based…
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Norwich magician tips on hiring a magician

Tips on hiring a magician

Hiring a magician in Norfolk or Suffolk for your wedding, party or event? You need to consider a number of factors. Norfolk and Suffolk based magician Nick Twist explains what you should look for. So what makes for a good choice of magician? Well, oddly, It’s not just the magic which is important – it's the magician's understanding of you and making your wedding or event the very best it can be. It’s their professionalism, their ability to confidently approach…
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Wedding speech tips

Worried about your wedding speech and could do with a tip or two?   Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Speeches are often a really fun point in the day for your guests. But you are probably nervous of the best man’s speech… will it run on too long or contain rude parts which will offend Aunt Maggie or the new Mother-in-law?! So, follow these tips and rules. Pass them on to anyone else planning a speech at your wedding…
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What may I regret about my wedding?

So, what did many couples regret about their wedding day after it had passed? Let’s find out. Not only that, but we will also see what 84% of guests want at weddings. Let’s go…  On reflection of their special day, 72% of newly-weds wished they had planned more entertainment for their guests. (Source – Bride and Groom magazine) In your eyes, the day will go very quickly. You will be busy and there will not be a moment to be bored.…

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